Property Searches

ARKOD Ingénierie proposes the implementation of an approach based on the use of GIS in land search processes. Indeed, their use contributes to a better dialogue and a better understanding of the issues.

What is of paramount importance: the “land issues” are regularly presented as the “Gordian knot” of development issues. And they often involve a multidisciplinary approach leads to a damaging fragmentation of research.

However, the “land” is central when it comes to industrial development and urban planning. And far from being limited to relatively technical aspects, it also involves strong socio-economic implications. Use conflicts in rural areas “in transition” to the socio-spatial segregation, through the financialization of the city, the issues on which the land entry sheds light are numerous.

ARKOD Ingénierie works with the constant concern of increasing awareness amongst the researchers and policy makers to contemporary issues of land aspects. Collect, integrate and analyze information to achieve the different scenarios, with the help of GIS. In short: help to better decision making.

Our mission took place in two stages:

Through interviews, we seek to highlight our customers’ expectations for Propertysearches;

A second stage will be devoted to the bibliographic and documentary research. This step includes consultation and analysis plans, maps and aerial photos.


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