Waste prevention plan

French people produced an average 390 pounds of waste (garbage and selective collection) and drop 200 pounds on average in recycling centers.

ARKOD Ingénierie is involved because these substantial 590 pounds represent a challenge for the environment and local authorities.

For our experts, prevent the production of waste is the best solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Essential when we know that France about 52% of GHG emissions have a domestic origin.

Since 2004, France has the national action plan of waste prevention with the three components of the mobilization of actors Plan, the long-term action and follow-up actions. The Grenelle de l’Environment came largely complete the system by imposing a solid waste reduction of 7% per capita reduction of 15% by 2012, the quantity of waste incinerated or buried.

ARKODIngénierie assists local authorities in their inventories of the types, quantities and origins of waste production. Our experts provide their expertise to analyze the organization of waste management and conduct an inventory dedicated to the collection, sorting and processing equipment.

On this solid foundation, local authorities can launch effective awareness campaigns and make better choices: location of waste, solutions or platforms ressourceries recycling …

With ARKOD Ingénierie, become a real player in environmental protection



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