Project management of remediation

ARKOD Ingénierie is the preferred partner of the project management of remediation.

 For each site development or the occupation can no longer be considered, which poses a threat of contamination to the environment, there are techniques of effective and appropriate remediation.

ARKOD Ingénierie designs each project management mission of remediation in a unique framework that begins with a rigorous screening of the technical characteristic of the site treatment. We study the different technical solutions proposed to determine the costs and environmental impacts. A second screening will focus on refining the technology choice from the nature of the pollution. A third screening will be based on exclusion settings, such as the conditions and the physical state of pollution. A fourth screening focuses on limiting additional parameters, such as limitations related to groundwater characteristics.

After this analysis, ARKOD Ingénierie provides an assessment of the most appropriate remediation for the site in accordance with economic and environmental criteria.

Our mission:
o The screening of remediation techniques accordance with the project
o Additional studies and comparison of techniques
o The justification of the solutions adopted

o Defining resources to deploy
o Estimate of costs
o Provisional timetable of work
o Project management assistance for the award of works contracts
o Additional diagnosis
o Audit of studies
o Management of the execution of works contracts
o Assistance in receipt procedures

Our expertise begins with the screening of techniques and until the receipt of work


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