Environmental Assessment Project of Local Urbanism Plan

For ARKOD Ingénierie, Environmental Assessment ensures balanced development of your territory. The main objective of our firm of consultants is to promote urban renewal in preserving the quality of the natural environment. 

In France, the environmental assessment measures the impact of urban planning projects on sensitive areas such as Natura 2000 sites or change the destination of a natural or agricultural areas in the case of a review of the Local Urbanism Plan or communal maps . The administrative authority may choose to provide advice on unforeseen adverse effects and to consider measures to reduce this impact.

From the 1 February 2013, the inter-workings of Local Urbanism Plan that the effects of Territorial Coherence Scheme (TCS) and Local Urbanism Plan whose territory includes all or part of a Natura 2000 site must be of an environmental assessment, other Local Urbanism Plan subject to a case-by-case basis to determine whether an environmental assessment is required.

ARKOD Ingénierie examines all the documents enclosed with your application form and classifies major themes (water, electricity, roads, residential areas, natural hazards …) that will help to develop a diagnosis of the territory. Mapping incorporating the elements of the initial state of the environment reveals the outlook in the absence of the implementation of the project Local Urbanism Plan. This visualization of the evolution of the site in the absence of the project will serve as a basis for assessing the effects of the Local Urbanism Plan on the environment. Follows a detailed explanation of the choices and orientations, as well as the measures envisaged to reduce or offset the damaging effects of the project. The establishment of monitoring indicators completes the study.


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