Environmental Impact Assessment

Is a project that is justified in economic terms can be harmful to the environment? This issue is at the heart of concerns of ARKOD Ingénierie and its environmental impact assessment missions.

In France, the obligation to carry out an impact assessment prior to granting an authorization to project work, facilities or structures originated in the law n ° 76-629 of 10 July 1976 the protection of nature and its implementing decree dated 12 October 1977. Today, regulations fit the requirement of an environmental impact assessment in the principles of prevention and integration. But they tend to generalize to many projects of local authorities.

The ARKOD Ingénierie office has substantial experience in these studies require an advanced multidisciplinary technical control. The qualities of adaptability and responsiveness of the ARKOD Ingénierie experts make the essential and reliable partner of your environmental impact assessments.

ARKOD Ingénierie conducts an analysis of the initial state of the site and its environment (landscape, geology, home, flora, fauna …) to achieve a true mapping of environmental issues in the area, before analyzing the potential effects of installing ahead. A rigorous analysis of the origin, nature and severity of the risks that arise in the future installation environment is then performed prior to the definition of compensatory measures appropriate to the project. The study concludes by providing an assessment of the effects of the project as a result of the implementation of the recommended compensatory measures

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