Risk Assessment

Prevention and risk management have become major concerns for a large majority of French industrial facilities.

ARKOD Ingénierie is a recognized specialist in the risks assessment, mandatory since the decree of 21 September 1977 for most industrial sites, including classified installations for environmental protection (CIEP).

The objective is to analyze industrial risks with the environment and highlight the control of these risks. The study can be revised in the event of changes to the facility or its use, at least every five years for facilities Seveso, at any time upon request of the Prefect.

The ARKOD Ingénierie approach involves several steps:

– Identification and characterization of potential risks
– Description of the environment and the neighborhood
– Estimation of the possible consequences of the hazard characterization
– Accidents and Incidents – Preliminary Risk Assessment
– Detailed analysis of risk reduction
– Means and methods of intervention in case of disaster
– Quantification and prioritization of scenarios with integration of the effectiveness of prevention and protection

ARKOD Ingénierie completes its mission by developing a comprehensive study of risk analysis including a graphical overview and mapping of different areas of danger.


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