Evaluation of greenhouse gas emission

ARKOD Ingénierie is the ideal partner for a serene approach of your Evaluation of greenhouse gas emission. This regulatory requirement must be completed before 31 December 2012. And the balance will then be updated every 3 years, to be sent to the Prefect.

ARKOD Ingénierie is contributing its experience and expertise to all institutions or legal persons subject to the obligation of the balance sheet (Article 75 of the Grenelle II, Decree No. 2011-829 of 11 July 2011): Corporations with more than 500 employees in mainland France, corporations with more than 250 employees for overseas territories, public institutions more than 250 people, as well as local governments of more than 50 000 inhabitants.

This regulatory evaluation of Greenhouse Gas focuses on GHG emissions from operations in the territory for a year:

– Directemissions fromsources, fixed and mobile, for the activitiesof the corporation
– Indirect emissions associated with the consumption of electricity, heat or steam for the activities of the corporation.

ARKOD Ingénierie defines operational perimeter for the company or corporation, sets emission sources, collects activity data and emission factors, before establishing a GHG emission profile. Actions to reduce GHG emissions are then identified with feasibility studies.

The mission results in a summary of actions that shows, for each category of emissions, the actions that the entity intends to implement during the three years following the balance sheet.

ARKOD Ingénierie prepares your final diagnosis in prescribed format: the balance of GHG emissions and summarizes the main reduction actions are ready to be published online and be communicated to the prefect of the region.



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